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Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Brazilian Cherry from South America has a brownish-red color. It darkens from a tan/salmon color to a deep, reddish brown. Brazilian Cherry is more than 200% harder than domestic Red Oak. On the Janka Hardness scale, Brazilian Cherry ranks 2,820 vs. 1,260 for Red Oak. The timber has outstanding strength properties.

Brazilian cherry is prized for its beauty and used in fine furniture and cabinetry. Other uses include flooring, stair treads, parquet, architectural details, highly decorative veneers, joinery and turnery.

With regards to durability, laboratory evaluations rate Brazilian Cherry to be very resistant to rot and fungi. It is also rated very resistant to termites and marine borers.

Surface Treatment




Unfinished Clear Contact Us 5"
Unfinished - Stair Tread Contact Us 1" x 11.5" x 4'

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