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Cumaru Decking

Cumaru decking is an extremely durable Peruvian and Brazilian hardwood. It has incredible strength and is naturally resistance to decay, rot, insect damage (marine boring worms and termites) and its fire rating makes it a perfect wood for long-life exterior decking, docks, benches and bridges.

Cumaru is approximately 5 times harder than pine, cedar and redwood and over 10 times stronger than composite decking products. The US Forest Lab states that Cumaru has a reputation for being very durable. It is estimated that Cumaru decking is impervious to decay and insect damage for upwards of 25 years. High use projects, such as the Atlantic City Boardwalk, testify to the longevity of this material.

Cumaru requires very little maintenance after installation. With Cumaru decking, the application of sealers is optional. To maintain its rich tone, a UV inhibitor will need to occasionally be applied. Without the UV inhibitor, Cumaru will naturally weather to a beautiful silver-gray patina. Cumaru has incredible density and strength and does require proper working tools. We recommend carbide tipped saw blades and tapered, hardened steel or diamond drill bits. Installation requires pre-drilling of holes. There are several fastener systems on the market.

Cumaru is harvested from managed-growth forest projects. It is naturally seasoned and then kiln dried to prevent shrinkage. Cumaru boasts a fire rating of Class A, the same as concrete or steel!

Cumaru has a density, workability, durability and characteristics that are nearly identical to IPE. However, Cumaru tends to be considerably less expensive than Ipe!!

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