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Tile Decking

The IDECK tile system uses prebored durable hardwood tiles and a plastic connection system called iCONNECT. Using this system allows you to create a wooden deck on any solid well drained surface. The tiles are made of naturally durable hardwoods assembled with stain- less steel screws. The ICONNECT are made of a durable plastic material that can easily be cut to allow for different types of connections. The system is easy and quick, a product that can be used by both professional or “do-it-yourselfer”. Stein Wood Products provides the IDECK Tiles and the ICONNECT to make your decking project complete.

Surface Treatment




Ipe (2.69 sq ft / tile) Contact Us 19.68"x19.68"
Massaranduba (2.69 sq ft / tile) Contact Us 19.68"x19.68"
Red Balau (2.69 sq ft / tile) Contact Us 19.68"x19.68"
Fasteners (350 sq ft / box) Contact Us 150 pieces per box

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